I am definitely sucker for roof top venues. I love roof tops bars, restaurants, hotels etc. There aren’t quite roof top venues in Tampa since Tampa is still a rising metropolitan. But, I found a gem in the heart of downtown Tampa called Attic Café. I have been desiring to visit Attic Café persistently, and I am satisfied because I finally got a chance too.
The view was noticeably impressive, you could see the entire downtown range from the roof. I tried there matcha latte which was truly decent. Nonetheless, I have been fascinated with matcha tea.

Let’s talk about what I wore to Attic Café. I wore a white off shoulder top with jazzy puff sleeves from Zara. Trust me, while wearing the top I felt like I was one of the ladies from Renaissance era. I combined it with a black crochet shorts from Zara, which impeccably complemented the theme of the top. My ensemble looked like a modern version of Victorian era’s fashion. Sorry, guys I am throwing some historical terms because I am taking European history this semester ha-ha. Anyways, Attic Café was astonishing, and I will positively go back to try their menu! Oh yes! Shout out to my lovely mom for being the photographer like always.