Sorry No Vacancy!

I am not going to lie, but I live for bars and restaurants with fancy interior. It just makes me excited because I can enjoy the ambiance, and also take some good pictures. I really wanted to dress bright and tropical like, since I knew No Vacancy had tropical vibes as their interior. I am wearing a black crop top with some sea shells on them from Zara, and paired the black crop top with a bright yellow cheetah print skirt from Zara as well. You can’t feel boujee without some good pair of sunglasses can you? I am wearing Celine shades. Also, I know the skirt is huge fashion risk since it’s not common, but trust me I went for it. Sometimes you just have to take the risk with fashion if you want to pop out because I like playing around with my outfits.
I am obsessed with their amazing cocktails, and they have a really nice bar with different drinks. I loved exploring their drinks, and just hanging out with my bestie. I accessorized, my outfit with a chain necklace from Zara and Express. I paired them with sunnies, I am wearing Ray-ban sunnies here.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Hope you guys got some decor inspo and fashion inspo from this post!! Enjoy, work hard and stay true to yourself.


Hey, This is shreya sherchan And I am the owner of the blog "My exotic fashion " . I spent my 14 years in Nepal where I was born and raised for 14 years but now I am living in United States of America . I am currently 16 now . And like any other girl I am in love with fashion and style. That's the only thing I dream of and want is to be fashionable. I wouldn't call it my hobby but mostly what I am born with cause every one has their own talent and my happens to be Fashion . And credits to my uncle because without him I wouldn't be able to open my blog . :) Cheers . And my family and friends for supporting me always .

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