Pura Vida with Jord.

Pura Vida!! I have been saying this a lot when I was in Costa Rica. I traveled to one of the prettiest country rich with nature and natural beauty. I climbed up to the famous Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. It was a gorgeous hike up to the Volcano, and the view was obviously breathtaking as you guys can see from my pictures.
I personally carried my Jord bag throughout my journey to Costa Rica and I took it everywhere. I love how it has the right amount of space for everyday use but compact enough for an active lifestyle. The straps were adjustable, and it is so stylish yet very comfortable to carry around. I am for sure in love with my Jord bag, and I cannot wait to try more wallets, and crossbody from Jord. 
Also, if you guys want to try the bag out then you guys can sign up in the below link and received $30 off the collection. Trust me it’s a great deal and you guys should definitely not miss this out.  
Sports bra: Alphalete
Shorts: Alphalete
Sneakers: Adidas nite joggers
Sunnies: Celine


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