Havana vibes with Camo Jacket.

I am finally back in Tampa for spring break. I am so sorry I have been MIA from my social platform for a while since I was super busy in University of Florida trying to grind my way up. No worries though, because I am back again to provide you guys with a new content.
University of Florida has been hell of a ride, it has been fun and tough at the same time. I guess all college students are in the same boat. While writing this out, I am missing UF, and miss grinding every day.


Hey, This is shreya sherchan And I am the owner of the blog "My exotic fashion " . I spent my 14 years in Nepal where I was born and raised for 14 years but now I am living in United States of America . I am currently 16 now . And like any other girl I am in love with fashion and style. That's the only thing I dream of and want is to be fashionable. I wouldn't call it my hobby but mostly what I am born with cause every one has their own talent and my happens to be Fashion . And credits to my uncle because without him I wouldn't be able to open my blog . :) Cheers . And my family and friends for supporting me always .

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