Cumpleanos in Mexico!

Remember when you thought people in their 20s were adults? HAHA (HELP ME). I certainly cannot comprehend how I feel about turning 20, but what I am certain about is my 20th birthday was so unforgettable because I turned 20 in Mexico. My entire family was there to celebrate my 20th. It was subsequently astonishing!! I insisted them to wear white, yes, I was such a DIVA on my birthday. I mean we all kinda deserve being treated special in our birthday, don’t we?

We cut the cake by the pool in the pent house we rented. The ambiance was so peaceful, and we could literally see the entire Playa del Carmen from the roof top. We also popped champagne which took me 20 tries to open the champagne, but at the end I finally accomplished it. After the cake, and champagne we went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Quinta de Piedra. The food was decent, but the service wasn’t the greatest.

I wore a white bandage dress that my sister in law gifted me from England. Which I absolutely adored because it was so simple, yet stunning. I accessorized with a choker that my aunt gifted me from New York. Over all my birthday was really exciting with my family because celebrating special occasions with your family, and friends is one of the finest experience ever.


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