So, while going out for lunch with my sisters at Timpano Chophouse. I decided to wear this stylish outfit. I am obsessed with my camo print bomber jacket, as you guys know camo print is so in this season. I decided to join the craze and get myself a cute bomber jacket from Zara. The white belly button pants from Zara are so easy, and I love how I can dress it down and dress it up with it. Also, how can someone go wrong with color coordinating white with something black? I wore a black halter crop top from Zara. Over all, I felt really confident about how my outfit went together. While walking the streets, I just wish Cardi B was playing. It would be complete.

The most exciting addition to my wardrobe is my new Celine sunglasses which I am feeling. They are called Havana Rectangular Cat Eyes if you guys are interested to purchase it any time soon. I love how sophisticated the sunglasses look.

21st in Puerto Rico!

It’s decent to be able to finally be legal to drink in America.
As, you guys all know, we can’t really drink until we are 21 in America, and yes if you don’t live in America I know you must be thinking to yourself “Thank the lord.” Trust me it sucks to have restrictions, but it is there for a purpose.
Oh yes, but in fact I turned 21 in Puerto Rico not in America, so it didn’t really make sense because you could drink when you are 18 in Puerto Rico.
San Juan was so scenic, it had plentiful to offer, and explore. I and my parents had an astonishing time together in San Juan. We will unquestionably visit soon if we get a chance to again.

For my birthday, I wore this long silk black dress from Zara. I was so beyond content when I found this dress because I was looking for the exact design and material. I felt that god listened to my pleas! For my jewelry I wore a golden hoop and a necklace. Yup hoops are so in now again. It’s wild how trends always come back.

We waited for 2 hours to eat in this really famous restaurant called Casita Miramar, but it was worth the wait because the ambiance and food was top notch. It was a great time. Cheers and also Happy new years to my readers.