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Hey Fashionistas!! It’s shreya sherchan here and I am girl who’s senseless and obsessed for fashion. I am currently majoring in Management Information Systems. I was born and raised in Nepal. I was in Nepal for 14 years and when I turned 14, my family and I migrated to the United States Of America. If you are wondering where is Nepal ? Then I am pleased to let you know that it is the country where the highest peak in the world is located. Oh YES!! The Mt Everest, also not to forget ; Nepal is the land where Lord Buddha was born . Hence, I am proud to call my self a Nepali. I love to laugh , hangout with my friends and family , travel , learn about different cultures ,shop , dance, party, listen to music , and make people laugh. As you guys can already see I am in a committed relationship with fashion, also I am outrageous over every little thing that fashion has to offer. Every one in this world is born with there own interest and mine happens to be fashion . I am just another typical girl who’s fanatical with fashion but what makes me different is my own style and how I present myself . I believe that everyone has their own style that makes them unique , different and EXOTIC from one another. Lastly, I am a loving daughter and trustworthy friend. Hope you guys enjoy and support my blog because that would mean a lot to me . Thank you. 🙂


  1. Hey girll!! Lol, love your page! I never knew you made your own fashion page! Keep it updated!

  2. Well, defo need ur fashion advice, n yea congrats on ur blog, waitin 4 ur next post kt, chwaak dekhing

  3. Very creative and fun blog! Looking forward to more posts. Keep it up! A

  4. Wow foreal? You are only 16 and already perusing your dreams.. Damn I envy u haha, best of luck at it!

  5. Wow! That’s pretty cool work you’ve done. Congratulations & best of luck for ahead

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