How to style oversized jacket?

You guys, at this point I can pre-drink for 2021 new years and call it a year because I do not know about you guys but I am over it. Can we please skip to 2021 please and thank you!!?
Oversized Jacket & Belt- Zara
Denim Shorts- Zara
Sunglasses- Fendi
Anyways, being in lockdown doesn’t mean I have to dress like garbage every time, isn’t it? I feel like this is the time to bring out my creativity even though it’s so tough too. Without further ado, let’s get into the deets babes. I am wearing this really cute oversized black denim jacket that I adore and I am waiting for winter so I can rock them outside. You can always add a statement belt with oversized jackets to make it look fashionable, and I just love wearing something shorter at the bottom whenever I wear oversized top so I threw in denim shorts instead. I mean knee-high booties for summer? I mean why not if it complements the vibe I am trying to portray because there aren’t any fashion rules.

Pura Vida with Jord.

Pura Vida!! I have been saying this a lot when I was in Costa Rica. I traveled to one of the prettiest country rich with nature and natural beauty. I climbed up to the famous Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. It was a gorgeous hike up to the Volcano, and the view was obviously breathtaking as you guys can see from my pictures.
I personally carried my Jord bag throughout my journey to Costa Rica and I took it everywhere. I love how it has the right amount of space for everyday use but compact enough for an active lifestyle. The straps were adjustable, and it is so stylish yet very comfortable to carry around. I am for sure in love with my Jord bag, and I cannot wait to try more wallets, and crossbody from Jord. 
Also, if you guys want to try the bag out then you guys can sign up in the below link and received $30 off the collection. Trust me it’s a great deal and you guys should definitely not miss this out.
Sports bra: Alphalete
Shorts: Alphalete
Sneakers: Adidas nite joggers
Sunnies: Celine

Sorry No Vacancy!

I am not going to lie, but I live for bars and restaurants with fancy interior. It just makes me excited because I can enjoy the ambiance, and also take some good pictures. I really wanted to dress bright and tropical like, since I knew No Vacancy had tropical vibes as their interior. I am wearing a black crop top with some sea shells on them from Zara, and paired the black crop top with a bright yellow cheetah print skirt from Zara as well. You can’t feel boujee without some good pair of sunglasses can you? I am wearing Celine shades. Also, I know the skirt is huge fashion risk since it’s not common, but trust me I went for it. Sometimes you just have to take the risk with fashion if you want to pop out because I like playing around with my outfits.
I am obsessed with their amazing cocktails, and they have a really nice bar with different drinks. I loved exploring their drinks, and just hanging out with my bestie. I accessorized, my outfit with a chain necklace from Zara and Express. I paired them with sunnies, I am wearing Ray-ban sunnies here.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Hope you guys got some decor inspo and fashion inspo from this post!! Enjoy, work hard and stay true to yourself.

How to Style Minimalist Watches this Summer!

Summer is almost over, and I am so glad that I traveled to Montreal, Quebec City, San Francisco, New Jersey, Boston, and New York city this summer. I legitimately enjoy traveling because you get to meet new people, re connect with your old friends, explore new places, devour new cuisine, and of course take great pictures for memories.
I adored Montreal’s architecture since it had its own character. The architecture was to die for, with neutral coloring. As, Montreal is so moved by French, I felt as if I was in a city in France with all the French vibes.
I kept my outfit off-the-cuff yet sophisticated because we were walking the whole day in a hot summer weather in Montreal. My joggers are from Zara, and so is my black crop top. I wore my Nike Jester which I am obsessed with, because it is trendy, and I can pair it up with anything. I focused more on my jewelries throughout my outfit. I am obsessed with my gold earrings from Zara, and layered necklace from Express. Gold jewelries are on trend right now, and I am flaunting them daily. 
I wore my Unique Wood Apple band with my apple watch that Jord Watches recently sent me, and I have been wearing it every day because I am in love with the wooden color band and it’s so convenient to add it to your apple watch if you have one. Jord watches is a watch company that specializes in creating natural and unique wood watches. I never go out without my apple watch so I can just change my Cool Wood Apple Band whenever I want. You can also get yours in their website, or also enter my giveaway and get $100 off any watch!

Smiling with Cari Pro Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush!

Mostly, in my life I have only used regular toothbrush. I haven’t really gotten a chance to invest in an electric toothbrush because using an electric toothbrush isn’t in my top priority list when I have million other things to do. But it all changed when I recently started using cariPro Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush. I really admire Smile Brilliant  since I have used their teeth whitening previously as well.

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I literally tossed away my regular toothbrush and I have been brushing my teeth with Cari Pro Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush. It has been 3 weeks since I have been brushing my teeth with it, and I am not exaggerating but it is the most convenient product I have ever used. It has different options that you can choose from according to your preferences. It comes with a charger as well, so when you are not using it you can plug the charger in for it to charge of course.


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I love how easy and convenient it is to brush my teeth now because Cari Pro does all It for me. All I have to do is press the button and I am ready to smile the day away. It has definitely helped me enjoy my brushing experience more and not something on my to do list. I can feel the difference in my teeth for example, my teeth feels so much cleaner, and shinier than using the regular basic toothbrush.

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Havana vibes with Camo Jacket.

I am finally back in Tampa for spring break. I am so sorry I have been MIA from my social platform for a while since I was super busy in University of Florida trying to grind my way up. No worries though, because I am back again to provide you guys with a new content.
University of Florida has been hell of a ride, it has been fun and tough at the same time. I guess all college students are in the same boat. While writing this out, I am missing UF, and miss grinding every day.